Thank you for stumbling across my work. Please check out my Portfolio of Real Weddings in the UK and overseas. The fastest way to contact me is on 07446 995 548 and I’ll get back to you asap I see the message. Alternatively please use the contact form at the top of the page. If you are getting married in 2020, 2021 now is the time to chat. Things will hot up in the coming months so don’t be left with little choice. There is a whole bunch of information on my website here and I always love to chat on the phone to get a feel for your plans and I find simply having a chat can speed up the process for you of putting your mind to rest and to listen to any considerations you  mayve have about your photography. 🙂 


About me

Hi, I’m Gary, aka Marshal Gray and I am a London Wedding Photographer. I shoot all across the UK and I have also shot many destination weddings. My informal, on purpose, style and approach results in a cinematic blend of documentary and stylish portraits. Please check out my main PORTFOLIO and my COLLECTIONS. I am also happy to custom your photography to your specific event so lets hook up for a chat.

You can contact me at and also on 07446995548.

A little more background ...

About me personally: Ok, well I have 3 children, Louis who is 14 and who is creepily metamorphosing into a bloke. :). Sophia who is 9, (my only girl) and my little princess and Jesse Jake who is 5 and the most playful, stubborn little character the world has ever seen. He has this little wise beyond his years way about him and a giggle that melts your heart in two. 🙂 I love to read, I love to write, I love movies and I’m addicted to box sets and am currently wading thru ‘The Dark Season II’ on Netflix. Bit scary and I love it. I also love a good book and am currently reading ‘Kill Your Friends’ by John Niven.

an Art Form ...

Wedding photography is an art form, no less than street photography, fashion, fine art, portrait and photojournalism and it should be approached in this way. The day is a tapestry of emotion. The buzz and the happiness is a given and there can also be a dab of nostalgia and a heightened sense of past. Bride & Groom have spent a year, often longer, in planning.

Family & friends flock to share your day, to party for sure, but also to experience and remember you and your partner together on what is the best day of your life. Everyone there will be zoned in on their memories of you down the years so it is a wash of emotion for them too. My promise is to capture all of this in a way that you never would think possible.

The fact that we have this miracle of being able to still a moment in time is something that I’ve always found fascinating. It’s pure alchemy. It’s something that is taken for granted these days I would say but it’s something that for me has always remained as magical as the very first day I picked up a camera and squeezed the shutter.

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