I’m Gary, aka Marshal Gray. Thank you for stumbling across my work

I would love to connect and to hear about your plans. Wedding photograph for me is an art form. I suppose that can sound a little pompous and for me photography is my passion and every photograph I take is with the intention of creating something special. It is an absolute joy to be doing what I do. I get to be at the best day of peoples lives over and over. I approach every wedding as if for the first time. Every wedding is different. Every couple is different. What I want for my couples on their wedding day is for them to be able to relax and to not be burdened by the possiblity of the photography taking over the day, not be be taken away from their guests for too long, and most important that they can trust me to deliver on a promise. And my promise to you is that we will embark on a little adventure to create the most amazing set of wedding day images imaginable.

Outside of photography (i’m never really outside of photography :)) I love to spend time with my children, Louis, Sophia and Jesse Jake. (you can see the little scoundrels here).

I love movies, music and travelling. Doing this amazing job has allowed me to visit places and meet people, home and abroad, that I maybe never would have. I also love sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

I live in Woodford Green Essex and have two goldfish called Starsky & Hutch.

It’s always challenging to connect with words on a page so please do hook up with me and lets have a chat.