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I want to create for you a set of wedding day photographs that will surpass anything you thought was possible. I see wedding photography as an art form and I make no apologies for seeing it that way. It is an absolute joy to be doing what I do and I work hard to remain vigilant and never take it for granted. I approach each wedding with a kind of beginners mind, awake to what is actually happening, rather than contriving things to look a specific way. As a consequence I am able to remain fresh with an intention toward originality so I can produce a unique and daring collection of photographs at every wedding. All of this contributes to a unique and daring wedding photography experience.


I started out as a street photographer and to this day I still love to be out and about with my camera. I love to photograph characters in life. Weddings are full of fun and unique characters all gathered together to have a fantastic time and to be able to meet and then photograph these people is what it’s all about for me. The experience I invite you to participate in is a collaborative one that begins the moment we connect for the first time. The promise I make is that you will have a whole lot of fun on the way to us creating an inspired and artistic collection of photography.


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