Digging deep into the art of post production using Lightroom & Photoshop
+ a BONUS smartphone tutorial.

Dates: 17 February (1 place left)  / 25 February 2020 (4 places left)
(Limited to 5 places a workshop)
Place: Essex, London (IG8 9DS)
Price:  £75.00
Time: 10am-2:30pm

A four hour workshop +30 minute break. Over the 4 hours I will go thru every aspect of my post production workflow, digging deep into Lightroom to simplify the use of it’s myriad selection of tools and features. I feel we can sometimes overcomplicate post production but with a few twists and turns you can magic up a consistency and confidence with your look that will dazzle everyone. We will look at presets and when to use which. We will dig into curves and brush tools and then into photoshop for a more fine art, refined editing including skin retouching. I will also discuss the importance of experimenting and improvising during some edits.

Editing can become very mechanical for obvious reasons so to keep it fun it’s important we attempt a kind of organic approach to our post especially on shoots we are doing for our own personal projects. I will also show you many tips and tricks that I promise will prompt lots of lightbulb moments during the 4 hours. At the end of the workshop you will be gifted my complete set of filters and access to any I may create in the future.



Please request a place on the workshop here and feel free to share a little about yourself or input any other questions you may have.

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