Marshal Gray is an anagram of my real name – Gary Lashmar. I know – genius. Or so I thought. Now I have to deal with people phoning me up and asking to speak with Marshal. 🙂 Photography is my passion. The ability to be able to freeze a moment in time, to capture a memory in a little rectangle box, is true magic and something I’ll never take for granted. Being a photographer opens you up to the wonders of life in a way that nothing else can because the degree to which I am open and in awe of what is going on around me is the degree to which my photography will inspire those people who are looking at my images. If I’m not out with my camera you can usually find me at home trying to come up with new and exciting ways to avoid hoovering. The house is overloaded with photography, movie posters and about a thousand books that could probably do with being on a shelve of some description.

I love to take photographs of my children and have pretty much recorded their life since they were born.

Oh … and I absolutely adore the Beatles. (It’s a bit obsessive really).