Hi, I’m Gary, (aka Marshal Gray)

(This is a pic of me trying to look cOOl)

A few pics of the kiDs

(To lessen the blow)

This is Louis. He’s now 15 and will be mortified I’ve posted this. So I thought I would.

This is my Sophia. My angel. My fashion adviser. She’s now 9 and this is her all titchy.

This is my little Jesse. He’s just 5. He’s like a tornado with eyes.

My Inspiration …

… is your wedding day

First up I feel pretty very lucky to be a doing what I do for a living. I’ve practiced a lot – for sure – for a whole bunch of years and yet in some ways I feel like it was something of a little gift given to me somewhere along the line. Like a lot of people practice for a whole lot longer than I have and are never able to do this for a job. Like … how can I be this fortunate? Photography is the only thing in my life I’ve ever been 100% confident and certain about. If I’m being totally sincere … every other area of my life, whilst doing my best, is kind of a hit and miss affair. Photography … well it’s always come naturally to me.

I think my style of Wedding Photography is born out of a love of cinema. Good movies. I’m very inspired by the great filmakers like Sergio Leonne and the cinematography of Emmanuel Lubenski and I think this has created a kind of cinematic flavour to my work.

What I’m interested in most of all as a photographer is character, people and telling a story with those characters. Again this is probably why I love cinema so much. Weddings are simply the opportunity to tell the most beautiful story of all. (I cannot believe I just wrote that last sentence). My friends would probably cringe. And … it’s true. They are. Weddings are full of character and special moments and those moments are enriched with every type of emotion possible.

My work is very simple … to capture all of this in a timeless way so you can revisit that story time and again in the years to come.

As for me personally – well I’m a Beatles obsessed Dad who lives in Woodford Essex. I love everything sixties such that I feel I was probably born 30 years too late and have had to make do with Brit Pop. I own about 100 Jamie Oliver books from which I’ve probably cooked around 4 recipes and I love box sets. I’m currently wading thru Mind Hunter. 

Gary (August – 2019).


I’ve not won any awards because I’ve never entered any competitions. I’d probably win them all anyway which would not sit well with my humble disposition.

HERE is a list of other cOOL stuff I’ve been involved with.

British Vogue Feature with Sabina Motasem
Voted by the People as one of the top ten weddings of all time on Rock n Roll Bride.
Published Articles in both Photo Pro and Professional Photographer Magazine.
Brooklyn Brewery Festival Campaign

Project work includes: The Three Brides Concept | Blade Runner Fashion | Tears in Rain | The Street Thief

I am also the Founder & Facilitator of the Dare Photography Experience in the UK and Overseas.