The Heartless Project


So I gets the call from my friend Lucie (Barat) who invites me to create some stills for – The Heartless Project. Her and her brother Carl (of the Libertines) are working with Zoe Rocha at Ruby Rock pictures on a TV production set in the early 00s and is inspired by her and Carl’s life of that time, their friendships, their experiences and set against the backdrop of the music scene from that period. The show is written by Lucie and the music is written by Carl & Lucie both. 

Carl and Lucie are working meticulously with the band within the show, the Heartless, to portray a refreshing reflection of a notorious and prolific period of time in this exciting and unequivocally unique project, which kicks off with The Heartless’ first single: Heartless which is released on 21st of November 2019 (tomorrow at the time of writing).

Lucie has worked as a professional actress during her wide-spanning career. She is also behind a mountain of screenplays as well as founding the award-winning press and production company, Little Episodes. Carl Barât is predominantly known for his extensive work in The Libertines alongside Pete Doherty. He has a reputation as an impressive multi-instrumentalist and received international praise for his critically acclaimed self-titled album. At the helm of production is Zoe Rocha –  an established producer of award winning television.

My personal brief was simply to hook up with the band during their initial rehearsal stage to create some promotional images. I’d worked with Lucie before and photographed her on numerous occasions as well as her band so the guys were aware of my work and that hopefully I could do a good job. What quickly transpired however was an involvement for myself that has been most rewarding including several assignments to shoot the band and also … something which I am most proud of, to shoot and edit their first music video. As soon as this is published i will post a link here. 

Most of all I’ve just had the best time meeting some amazing people. Lucie I’ve known for years and has supported me lots in that time professionally and personally and Carl I have met several times. I have always been a huge fan of the Libertines and their sound so it is an added bonus to be working with one of the great musical poets of our time.  I’ve also go to work closely with the production team of Zoe and Catherine, two amazingly creative woman who have made me feel so welcome from the start. Zoe is like a beautiful inspired  puppet master who created a set to work on that was just a joy. I personally have never experienced anything like it. 

Being on set during the shoot of the pilot episode was so incredibly insightful for me and, again, I was made to feel very welcome and respected as the photographer. This hasn’t always been my experience on collaborations down the years where quite often egos can run away with themselves. The film crew were just so on purpose, creative but at the same time so much fun and inclusive of me and also allowing me space to do what I needed to do. I can’t remember one single moment where I was told to get out the way. And frankly … If I had someone like me on set … there’d be a shit load of moments I’d be telling me to get out the fuckin’ way. 

So many images were taken over the month or so I have known the band and I will create a separate blog exclusively for band photographs. The following is a collection of images I took over the 3 day TV shoot and includes band and backstage cast and crew photographs. 

As I sit writing this we are on the eve of the release of the Heartless’  first single – aptly named – ‘Heartless’. 

The following set of images were taken over 3 days… I’ve presented them in no particular order. 

The Heartless Project – Devised by Lucie Barat & Carl Barat
Produced by Zoe Rocha / Ruby Rock Pictures
Directed by Giles Alderson
Starring – Hannah Dodd  / Ella Rae Smith
also Starring – The Heartless: Ellie James / Dom Gilday / Lewis Rainer / Jay Bone