East Quay Whitstable Seaside Wedding

Oct 10, 2019

Guess what? No bridal prep! Wonderfully different. Just the bestest time at this wedding with the coolest friggin’ bunch of guests imaginable. On top of it all I have two life loving grooms in Sam & David who literally don’t mind smoking in photos and look as cool as fck no matter where the camera finds them.

We started out at the venue, the amazing East Quay venue, where Sam and friends were busy prepping the space. We then headed to the Marine Hotel for prep. The guys were ready super quick as guys usually are (yeah ok – grow up! 🙂 ) and it wasn’t long before we headed to the – East Quay Venue. Let me say i’ve now photographed this venue officlally ONCE and it’s shot up the rankings of my favourite venues in an instant.

This place is gloriously old english seaside and is a photographers delight it truly is. Old wooden beams, exposed brickwork and literally a few seconds and you’re stepping onto the beach to the most amazing views, with beach huts, deckchairs, pier and abandoned boats. (At least I think they were abandoned).  The venue was the original oyster grading room of the Seasalter and Ham Fishery (Yeah ok I stole that sentence from East Quays website) and retains a palpable nautical charm that I sincerly hope is evident in the photographs.

Back to the day. The fact of the matter is the stars aligned that day. We had an awesome contrast of weather that afforded us some gorgeous sunlit images and a contrast of moody backdrops. Mostly though it was sunny 🙂

A wonderful pace to the day, unhurried, relaxed and everyone came together to make Sam & Davids day a special one. I want to finish by just saying Sam & David were the experience for me and their spirit and love for eachother will be my lasting memory in one of the fav weddings I’ve shot. From beginning to end they included me as pretty much a guest and when that happens – magic happens. Love you guys. G x

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