Time Blocking with Intention

Sep 12, 2019 | MarshalBeat


So what is time blocking for better productivity?

How many of you have the experience of simply getting up in the morning, with half a plan, and then setting to work hoping for the best. Lets call it drifting. I do. That’s for sure.

How many of you find your energy draining as the day goes on?

What I have found is that when I work in short, explosive bursts, and I’m totally focussed and disciplined, protecting those blocked bursts of time at all costs, I get more work done in 45 mins than I would do in 3-4 hours just drifting along. And the quality of what I get done is of a much higher standard also. Focused attention equals quality attention equals quality work.

It’s the difference between being on purpose and being on autopilot.

Autopilot = Get up, have a shower – maybe, possibly something to eat, drift into facebook, instagram, check emails, start some editing, flip to spotify for some music, facebook pings, up to put the kettle on, back to some editing, create a new playlist, message on our phone, quick check into a facebook group, a fun snapchat post and on, check email again and fuck it lets post something on twitter and a partridge in a pear tree. zzzzzzzzzzzzap!

On purpose = Energy – Focus – Self Empowerment – kicking ASS.


When we drift along, on autopilot, we are mostly distracted by a million and one things and our energy is sapped as a consequence.

When we are single minded, working in explosive blocks of paying full attention, our energy is conserved and is used only on the task at hand. In short we have more energy.

So how do we go about time blocking for better productivity?

Setting up an explosive block of time day looks like this.

You work in 30 or 40 minute bursts. You schedule them in your calendar, and in between you schedule breaks. Lots of them. With a 90 min lunch break minimum. But during an explosive block – you have to be 100% focused. What happens is your productivity will be thru the roof. And your multiple breaks will allow you to recharge for each subsequent explosive block. The breaks can be used for whatever you want. Chores, reading, sleeping, calling a friend … whatever. The important thing here is to protect your explosive block time.

Check out also “How I get shit done,”by Chase Jarvis.

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