Portrait Photography Training London

Sep 5, 2019

The September two-day workshop took place in Woodford, at my home, in Essex. I have quite a large old place that is carved in to Epping forest and it felt special doing it there. My participants were Emma Jane Richards, Emma Clarke, Sarah Skinner, Sarah Dee Impey (assistant) Leanne Crockett (assistant), German Valdez & Zepeda Gaby, Aga Andrews, Josephine Gray. and Christina (Tinks) Havill

Aga & Sarah S arrived the night before and totally looked after me. Aga insisted on cooking a curry. It was massive. I’m still eating it 4 days later.

The gang turned up in force early on Monday morning. My little personal gift was having was having my friend Emma Jane participating for the first time. She was with me years ago when I started out and it brought back so many special memories having her there. I think it was a struggle for Ems at times cos she is the only person I’ve ever met who can talk as much as me. 🙂 She was in the house 5 mins before she set to work cleaning my microwave and giving me grief. 🙂 xxx Some things never change.

The energy in the group was rockin and it was a treat (and an honour) to see the guys pushing through the little challenges I set up for them. Dare is very much about supporting people to let go of a lot of the bullshit we think we need to be successful with regards to taking photographs and starting up a photography business and for sure these guys went for it.

We had a beautiful couple to photograph on Day one. I photographed Marie & Bens wedding in Sri Lanka way back in 2015. It was so special to see them and to top it all they are having a little baby very soon.

We also had two models for day 2 who I had not previously worked with. Nina & Danielle. A breeze to shoot and to work with and I don’t think they made it too easy for the guys which is always a plus.

On day two one of my oldest friends, Tim, joined the party as cinematographer. Stay tuned for lots of movie footage. It was so special having him along for the ride and I’m excited to be sifting thru all the footage of the day.

For the portraits we ventured into the forest and I took the guys to a little urban area for some contrast, some run down old garages that wouldn’t look out of place in the backstreets of CUBA. Such a cool little place to shoot especially as we had a gorgeous spill of sunshine for the hour or so we was there.

We shot many of the portraits in my old Garage which just has this gorgeous light spilling thru at any time of the day.

I am so excited to see how the guys use the Dare information and am about to invite them into the post support group which is a wonderful little space for everyone who has participated in a Dare workshop to support eachother.

I can’t wait for the next workshop and am about to fix a date for this.

next up … a one day Guerrilla Style Portfolio Shoot in Soho London.
(If you find the workshop via this blog – use code: dareportfolio when contacting for a place for 15% off.)