Worried about your wedding day portraits?

Aug 21, 2019

Are you worried about your wedding day portraits and / or photographs in general? What are your considerations? Perhaps you worry about the potential fuss of being taken away from your guests for long periods of time. Or possibly you feel that you’re not cool enough for wedding photos and you don’t like yourself in the photographs you see. Or maybe it’s just that you feel awkward in front of a camera.

Worry over! I personally ask for 15 minutes to take portraits and … I can shoot them in less time and still create for you an awesome set of photographs.

On the subject of not liking yourself in photographs. In this day and age we are so used to seeing ourselves in photographs taken by people with smart-phones who lets face it wouldn’t know a decent photography angle from a tube of toothpaste. A professional photographer sees what you see. They know intuitively how you wish to be photographed and my promise is to you that the images you see of yourself after your wedding day will dissolve all of those considerations you have about yourself and not looking good on camera. You do. It’s just thus far you’ve had the wrong photographer. 🙂

As for feeling awkward. I always say to my couples feel as awkward as you like. I’m going to get your photographs and they’re going to look super cool no matter how awkward you feel. It is my job as a photographer to show you images that you are going to absolutely love so rest assured, whilst your worries and consideratons about being photographed are valid … there really is no need to worry. I am always happy to speak about your photography considerations on the phone so please call me at anytime on 07446 99 55 48 or you can can send me a message on the contact form at the top of the page.

Happy trails … Gary (aka Marshal Gray)