Ditch the Wedding Day Shotlist

Aug 21, 2019

There are a whole bunch of blogposts and articles out there on Wedding Blogs etc suggestion what you should be looking for from your wedding photographer on your wedding day. A lot of this information is useful. Some of it isn’t and in actual fact it’s naive and inviting couples to compromise what you are paying for.

The reality is when you hire a wedding photographer who is worth what you are paying them you are in effect hiring their point of view and their skills. Giving a photographer too much instruction is no different from hiring a musican and telling them which key to play a song in or a chef and telling them which temparature to cook the food at. It makes little or no sense.

For me personally I will speak with couples before their wedding day about what they expect from their photographs. If they are wanting formal group shots that is fine and we will speak about that and we will for sure create that happening. But a long check list, a shot-list of particular images will actually be detrimental to what you are paying for.

The last thing you want your photographer to be is distracted by what he or she thinks they should be photographing because they will then be in their heads thinking about the list and not in the moment focusing on the bride and groom and their guests.

It is so important for sure to connect and communate and discuss things before the wedding day and then once you have done this what I invite my couples to do is to trust. I understand that this is one of, if not the most important day of your life and you want your photography to reflect that … and if you choose the right photographer … and this is done by connecting and speaking to them during the initial booking stage … then you should feel that you can trust them totally to create for you an amazing set of images.

Now this doesn’t mean if you have items or people that you absolutely want photographed you don’t communicate this with your photographer. For sure this is essential. What I’m talking about here is one of those long shot by shot, almost scripted lists, of 150 or so shots. Because simply put … if this is a requirement I would suggest that pretty much anybody at the wedding with a camera could take those kind of photographs. It literally is a point and shoot kind of operation. In those instances I would hire an amatuer photographer to get those frames and let the professional photographer free to create magic for you.

I hope this is supportive rather than sounding harsh as it really is meant to be supportive in a way that you can feel free to relax on your special day and feel free that you don’t have to worry about your wedding photography.