Aug 14, 2019

The Dare Photography Training Experience
Woodford, Essex (20 mins from Central London)
Dates: 2-3 September 2019
Price of Admission: £350.00

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The Dare (2 Day) Photography Experience is a revolutionary approach to creative photography training. Via fun challenges set out across the two days you will have an experience of pushing outsdie of your comfort zone and you will leave the workshop feeling totally confident in your photography and also where you want to take things going forward in your business if this applies to you or simply to create powerful photography art.

Dare is different to a lot of workshops in that it is an experiential two days rather than just giving you a whole bunch of tips n tricks you could have googled.

I am a professional wedding photographer,  which I love, so the workshop tips it’s hat in that direction. However; first and foremost I am an artist and so the workshop is open to photographers of all genres.

When you leave after the two days you will feel alive and completely in touch with your own originality, abandoning a lot of the reference points that are clung to as a kind of security blanket, and you’ll be ready to kick down some creative doors and start making some noise in this wonderful world of photography.

As well as the processes we will cover all aspects of photography and photography business and there will be live shoots on both days. We will speak in depth about many different topics including creating portraits, how to overcome nerves on a shoot and what to do when you freeze up. We will discuss how to attract the kind of clients you want, how to crack social media and how to make the process fun. We will look at branding, marketing, when and where to advertise, the importance of consistency, the importance of a support network, how to stay inspired consistently. As a facilitator my intention is always to be spontaneuous and to collaborate with paticipants to create an experience they won’t forget. This is not a painting by numbers workshop.

After the two days is up you will be invited into a wonderful post support community that all participants will be invited into.

Most importantly – Dare is fun! It’s the most fun you could ever have on a two day workshop. Photography should be fun. There is still this idea that work should be hard and kind of ardous undertaking. Dare flies in the face of that in a very big way.

Oh. I forgot to mention. There is no hierachy of talent at my workshop. So whether you are a beginner or have been around for 20 years. Dare works the same for everyone. Simply, it is about working and enhancing the abilities you have from the place you are operating from now at this time.

The next workshop is in LONDON town on 02-03 Sep 2019 at Woodford Green, Essex. (20 mins on the Central Line tube from the centre of town.

Below are a whole bunch of images I’ve taken of participants at past workshops. I’ve thrown in a few shots of couples and models I’ve shot at the workshops but you can view my work and portfolios on this website itself and also here on Instagram. You can also view the Dare Training website here.