Return to the Asylum Chapel in Peckham

Aug 5, 2019


An awesome wedding at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham. This venue is sublime, and one of my favourite places to shoot anywhere. The place is bathed in this gorgeous rembrandt light; gorgeous open brick surroundings; a kind of purposeful feel of being in semi disrepair; it is literally a Hogwards for Photographers. A creative paradise in the heart of South London.

Anyway more of that when I do the blog. All in all a cracking day and spent it with up and coming photographer Christina Havill. So much fun.


Met up with Claire for breakfast and spent the day fooling around and just having fun. Was aching like an old man from the Wedding. Have to get to the gym in some shape or form. We was going to head into town and watch a movie but we couldn’t be arsed. In the evening we went to a gorgeous little restaurant for Sea Bass and other goodies and ended up dipping down into the bar beneath to listen to some gorgeous music being played a friend of Claires from Senegal. So gifted I’ll have to get his name from Claire and maybe post a link as he’s so talented. Special evening. We saw a little Fox sunbathing in the dark on the way home. It was such a special moment … he was sat in the middle of the street washing himself (I won’t go into detail) without a care in the world. There’s something about the backstreets of the Lower Clapton part of Hackney at night. It just has this quiet charm.

SUNDAY AND ON … Started to use Pinterest frequently and I’ve started to shift up a gear with my general output and am slowly starting to see a pay-off. I want to rethink my website. I love how it looks and both Marshal and the Dare website are not the most user friendly and I think i need to strike more of a balance in that regard. I want to be an artist but not a SKINT one. 🙂

Processed the Pre Wedding of Deborah & Davis who are getting wed this coming Friday which I’m buzzing for. I know a lot of the guests at the wedding and have photographed some of their weddings and that is always fun.

Did a little Instagram live today with Sophia and got these clicks. She’s my little angel, my favourite model and I kind of like her as a daughter too 🙂

Made some cookies this evening whilst we’re waiting for the Stew to cook (I know it’s summer but I friggin’ love stew and a whiff of a cloud and I’m chopping up the veg).

We’re gonna chill now and watch a movie. 🙂

Here’s a bunch of pics from the past few days.