London Pub Weddings Rock

Aug 11, 2019

London Pub Weddings surely do Rock. This was a wedding I photographed back in the early days, 2012 and what a rockin’ day it was. These guys are Tim & Emma and they have become such good friends to me since that special day. They now have two beautiful children and I recently did a portrait family shoot for them and it was so cool to catch up. I’ve also photographed lots of their freinds and family weddings over the years, most recently Deborah & Davis which I will be blogging soon.

This wedding was at the Britannia Pub close to Victoria Park in East London. The pub is still there but it now has a name change. I’m from the east-end of London and so I love shooting around there. I think I have a kind of dreamers view of London. I see it thru a filter of dickens and romance, possibly I see London in a way that it never truly existed or at least doesn’t anymore. I think we’re all dreamers us photographers. We have to have imagination and I dare say it’s the most important aspect of being creative.

I am reblogging this wedding today simply because going back and looking thru I am still so happy with all of the frames we got on the day. The theme of the wedding is most definitely YELLOW :). Emma’s style and taste is just exquisite and I think it spills into the whole wedding blog. The portraits, the balloons, which can sometimes in images look a little cliche, look simply stylish and class. We had such a beautiful spill of weather on the day and a lot of the images are shot on a Tilt Shift lens with gorgeous backlight.

Family and friends were all so tight and close and were all so gregarious in their wanting to create a magical day for this wonderful couple.

And so here are the images, blogged in no particular order. Love these guys. 🙂