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Aug 28, 2019

With the next Dare Workshop coming up in a just a few short days I’ve been posting some images from previous workshop. This is a whole bunch I took at the workshop we did in 2016 at the Dare Studio in Hackney Wick. These kOOl kAts are Kat & Alexi. (all images shot with a 24mm TS lens / edited with Dare Presets)

Ok … so when I’m waffling on about my workshops I often get asked how are Dare workshops are different. Well here’s the news …

First there is very little information at Dare that you could have googled. I didn’t want to do one of those workshops. Those workshops are fine for meeting other photographers. My workshop is about challenging participants in a very real way to push outside of their comfort zone. You see when you say that to someone. It’s about ‘pushing outside your comfort zone’ people think they know what that means because they’re ‘read the book’. That’s the challenge in this day and age. People have so much information that they think they know. Especially in the realm of growth. There’s whole floors devoted to self help books in book-stores.

But here’s the news … interlectual information iin the world of growing as a person / creative is useless because it doesn’t stick. You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading about it no matter how many books you read. You can’t make an real shift in the realm of creative leaerning by sitting at a seminar taking notes. In short; there is a huge difference between interlectual information and experiential information. Dare is experiential. It’s challenging for sure but what it is really about is throwing a whole bunch of grenades at the barriers people put up around themselves that stop them from a) taking the kind of photographs they want to and b) living the kind of photography life they want to live. That’s how it’s different. Eh … it’s also a whole lot of fun 🙂

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