A Kent Festival Themed Wedding

Aug 7, 2019

Summer – 2015. I’m reblogging this cos It got lost somewhere along the line. And I love it. A kind of Kent Festival / carnival themed Wedding at the House Meadow in Kent. This was a glorious day for Kayleigh & Ian to be wed. All was tickedy leading in to the wedding until Ian broke his leg two  weeks before. He took it all in his stride. Well he wasn’t striding that well but he rolled with the punch so to speak. We had to improv a little on the portraits and rather than copping out and faking it … we simply brough the crutches into play. If ya gonna have to use crutches you may as well use them in a cool way. Can crutches ever be cool? We think they can be :).

I’ve shot a lot of Festival / carnival Themed weddings and it’s just such a blast working with couples and guests who have music as one of the most important parts of their day. Quite often guests will be camping at the site and a lot of the trad wedding rulebook is kicked into touch. Dress code is a little more relaxed and offbeat and the odd dog will make an appearance. Toasted marshmallows must and if the neighbours and their shotguns get a little jittery – well you can always fall back on a silent disco.

The house Meadow itself is a complete blank canvas located on a working farm in Biddenden and perfect for couples wanting to really go to town on their own wedding theme.

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