Hanging my Soul on a Tightrope Line – With Max Bianco

Aug 19, 2019

A broken mind is what i feared
but that’s what i suffer from the most
and every time i stand up and shot back down
every time i try to breath …. i’m forced to drown

I lost my mind in a northeast bay
nothing seemed to go my way
I hope i find it again some day

I hung my soul on a tightrope line
i hung it out to let it dry
I’d put it back on when it makes me cry

Max Bianco – NorthEast Bay

I met Max recently at a wedding. He was singing with a band. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and I’ve heard hundreds of wedding acts. There’s nothing wrong with wedding acts. And it took me 30 seconds of listening to Max to know … he wasn’t just that. Music is massive part of my life and I know what I like. And I’ve not heard a talent like this for a long time. I took a few photos of him on the wedding day because simply put … he looks like a rock star. He looks fuckin’ cool.

When I met him in Soho a few days ago he’d just gotten off a plane back from Germany and hadn’t slept for 36 hours. I met him a coffee bar on Denmark street and I walked in and the girl behind the counter said Max is in the gents doing his hair. He said to put whatever you want on his tab. I sat and waited and he emerged look as cool as fck and just ready to have fun.

It took us 5 mins and we just clicked. I knew as soon as I lifted the camera he would shoot like i hoped he would in my minds eye.

We spent an hour or so just walking around like a couple of loss gypsy’s stopping outside bars and shooting against whatever we could find.

You have to check out Max on Spotity. He is, in short, a poet.