I don’t like Green – Epping Forest Pre Wedding Photos

Aug 4, 2019

I just don’t like green. I have no idea why. I don’t. Actually cut that. I do like green. I love green. I love forests. I just do not like green in photos. It drives me mad. So when I’m speaking to a couple about their upcoming pre wedding shoot and I ask them “Where would you like to do this?” and they reply with “Oh we know this beautiful park,” or “how about a forest,” my first thought is … NOOOOO!

🙂 Ok. I’m kind of fooling a little bit. I don’t mind forest shoots. And my preference is to shoot in town, market places … give me a brick wall any day of the week. Now, frankly, I may just be about to change my mind after this shoot. Because being with Deborah & Davis at the forest at the back of my house (yes I live in a forest), was such fun. I was in my element. We created some magic I hope you’ll agree and … I even got to steer them in the direction of my favourite tiny little urban spot in the middle of the trees 🙂

I’ve known Davis for years. I photographed his brother Tims wedding to Emma early on in my career and they just have a great bunch of family and friends and I’ve photographed many of their friends weddings since. Their wedding is this coming Friday and I literally am so excited for this one. It’s gonna rock!

I’ll shut up now. Here are the pics.

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