A Kind of Daring Course of Photography

Aug 17, 2019

Several years ago I faciliated one day of a three day workshop in Ostuni, Italy with two other photographer friends of mine –  Gianluca Adovasio and Thierry Jourbert. It was early days for me doing workshops and it was kind of before The Dare Photography Experience was formed totally in my mind. The participants were a mix of wonderful people from all across Europe and we all banded together to create some magic. The reason I got into doing this is a job in the first place was freedom. It’s as simple as that. I wanted to do something I loved to do and get paid for it and I am so so incredibly grateful that I get to do what I do.

Ostuni (Puglia) itself is a gorgeous part of Italy and I’m always surprised at how many people I’ve met, including Italians, have never heard of the place. The images I have taken below are a little heavy on post production. I never go back and reedit my work but I do wish I still had the RAW files as I’d tone down the post on these as I think it’s too much. And … still … the compositions I think have stood the test and the content is the most important thing at the end of the day.

I wanted to share these simply because it was an awesome workshop with a wondeful bunch of people.

Note: One of the processes I came up with at this workshop if I remember was the 20 frames in one location process. So we have a couple and our initial composition – light, backdrop etc and we cannot move them from that spot. And the challenge is to come up with 20 different poses. In short we have to mine for quality. 

The next Dare Photography Experience takes place in London on 2-3 September 2019. (check it out!)

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