As the Crow Flies – Look out for the Easter Egg

Aug 1, 2019

Special day with the children. A little impromptu picnic. Obviously I had to take some photographs of them. It’s my last day with them for a while. It’s strange being a parent. You love being with them but kind of long for a little space and time to yourself but the moment they’ve gone … I miss them. I have to be wary as a photographer that I’m with them when they are with me. I don’t want to be one of those photographers who sees their children in hindsight, it’s so easy to be wistful when you’re looking at them from a computer screen.

Prepping for my wedding tomorrow at the Asylum. Excited. Gonna be shooting with Christine Havill – super cool wedding photographer (check her work). Love meeting new people and new photographers so excited for a fun morning.  I want to get a good nights sleep but I’m always a little hyped up when I’m in a creative positive which I feel I am. Excited for the potential of what I can create for these guys. So want them to have a special day and for their experience of there photographer to be great also.

Claudia came to pick up Jesse earlier. Funny how we were together like for 5 years and now she’s like my little sister. I think with C and I that we were friends first has held us in good stead for being good friends and I know we’ll always have each others backs in the years ahead.

If you don’t know Claudia’s work you should check it out. She’s pretty damn cool.

So … I think early night and maybe a movie and then zzzzzz.

Here are some pics of Sophia and Jesse from this morning.

Apologies if this feels a little phoned in today. So tired. zzzzz

Love all


Oh … my best mate from school sent me this earlier. I didn’t know whether ot laugh or cry. This is me (middle) on my 18th birthday. 30 years ago as the crow flies. Ross right, Jay left. Wtf!!!