A Portrait of Emma Jane

Aug 12, 2019

Emma Jane (Queen of the Rushes) is one of those people who totally shifts any space she enters in a positive way. She literally lifts you with her energy and spirit. This personality orbits a heart of gold that is always so supportive of other people. One of the questions I ask often at my workshops is … “What are you bringing to the table?” Some people enter a space for example and they are neutral and matter of fact and do not have any real impact on the situation. This is not a critisism. Quite often people have little awareness of the power they have to affect a situation in a positive way. It’s not their fault. The fact of the matter is we are always contributing whether we like it or not. The degree to which we are aware is the degree to which we can shift our energy and contribute in a positive way.

I lost touch with Emma properly several years ago and recently we met for the first time in ages. It’s funny when we get together. I’d forgotten how alike we are in terms of machine gunning words and excitement and possibility all over the place. So happy to have found my friend again.

Here are some portraits we got on the day cos you can’t really meet up with Emma and not photograph her