Jul 12, 2019

I’ve started wading thru some of my earlier wedding portfolios and have found some crackers. First up is the Wedding of Naz & Brad at Gaynes Park in Essex. Most of the images were taken on a 35mm 1.4 lens. I even won a fearless award for one of these images.

I’ve had the children since they broke from school so not been out much. They’re off to spain in a few days with their grandma so will be getting some shoots in when they are away and I also have a wedding in Cambridge coming up.

I’m also focussing on the Dare workshop social media side of things over the next week or so and plan to be doing some really cool little tutorials so do stay tuned for that. You can follow the account here. idaretoshoot.

Also created this little HIPSTAMATIC post over on the Dare website.



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