The Boys

Jul 31, 2019

Louis was up and out early. He’s off to stay at Kai’s – his friends for the night. He’s literally turned into a BLOKE. 🙂

Took Sophia and Jesse for lunch at the cafe. Top cuisine 🙂 I had double egg, double sausage, bacon, tomatoes, 3 slices of toast and a cup of splosh! Spice of Life!

We then hot-tailed it to cinema in the afternoon to see the Lion King which was cool. At least I think it was cool. Thing is I had some bonkers nightmares last night and I rarely have nightmares so I didn’t sleep well and ended up conking out half way thru the film. zzzzz.

Slipped in a Pre Wedding edit today for this gorgeous couple. Fired up to be shooting their wedding in December. Love a xmas wedding.

Enjoying being part of this cool new Group Wedding Breakfast Club – The Pantry. It’s kind of a cool little inner sanctum within a group so it feels very exclusive and everyone in there is very supportive and sharing. Membership to the Pantry is now closed till February but you can join the larger group above. Feel like I’ve gone back in time a little. When I started out I was a lot more proactive with this kind of thing and in actual fact me a lot of good friends who have stayed good friends so I’m excited about being part of this.

Buzzed to be heading back to the Asylum this weekend. It’s one of my favourite places in the UK to shoot and I’ve photographed there now around 5-6 times. I’m going to spend tomorrow evening being inspired and creating a little mood board for portraits. I don’t use or copy actual poses or the structure of compositions I’ve never done that. I kind of make that all up as I go, but it’s the feeling of being inspired that is important to me.

Got so much box-setting to catch up on. I’m currently wading thru The Boys which is this cool adult super hero show on Amazon Prime. It’s literally bonkers. A little like Kick Ass and I think the whole thing is based on a graphic novel.

All a bit muddled in the diary today my brain is fried. Early night I think.


Took these images of Sophia today.