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Jul 10, 2019

Shortly after I started out in Wedding Photography, several people asked me,via social media, If I put on training workshops and eventually I put one together. It was a fairly obvious workshop, tips and tricks, a couple shoot, editing, that kind of thing. But to me it didn’t feel right. I felt as if I was keeping something back. The participants, I felt, left the workshop  happy and at the same time still with that question-mark, a sense of not knowing actually how this guy got the kind of photographs he was getting.

It occured to me that I was keeping something back, but I couldn’t myself put my finger on it. I wasn’t doing it on purpose. And so I set out on a kind of self awareness period, monitoring my own process, and after several months … Dare was born.
The reason I couldn’t put it into words was because creativity isn’t an interlectual process it is for sure experiential one. And to share my approach I had to faciliate a workshop whereby the participants experienced the essence of where I was coming from firsthand.

Over the course of the two day workshop particpants are invited to particpate in processes which will push them outside of their comfort zone and create for them an experience of having pushed further than they thought they could. It is an experience that sticks and something that they could take away and use on a daily basis in their lives. To create great photographs, daring images, we have to be daring. We have to push ourselves beyond what we tell ourselves with our thinking.

There are of course live shoots on both days, tips and tricks and all of the usual information and … all of this is trimming. The real juice lies in the processes and the information I share.

Mostly it’s about having fun. When we’re having fun, when we let go of all of those insecurities that hold us back, we full into the realm of pure creativity. That’s where the real magic is found.

The workshop itself is open to all photographers at all skill levels, begginers to advanced are welcome. There is a tilt toward wedding and portrait photography as that is my main job but at the heart of the workshop is the nurturing of creativity so the training benefits all photographers no matter the genre. Its also worth mentioning I am a street photographer by default and this informs my other photography in a big way which we will speak about during the course.

The next Dare Workshop takes place in London on 2-3 September 2019.  See the Dare Website for more information.

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