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Jul 22, 2019

I love to shoot portraits. I started out as a documentary photographer. Obssesively so. The first few weddings I photographed I literally wouldn’t move a single thing and I gave little or no direction. But eventually I fell in love with shooting portraits. The only experience I really had of shooting people was photographing my young son Louis and the odd person who would ask me to take their portrait simply because I owned a camera. (This was pre smart-phone days). But I quickly found it was something that fired me up in a big way.

When shooting portraits I will find my composition, backdrop, colour, texture, lines and most importantly light source and then I will bring my model or models into that frame. This is quite often a Bride & Groom but I also shoot a lot of models and musicians, bands. My approach is to bring the model into the composition and then work to bring the portrait to life.

What I’m looking for is that little inbetween moment. That split second where the model or models are not on show, they’ve dropped into a moment of being non self concious. The shot that I have actually set up is very rarely the shot that I will present to the world. It is so important to remain vigilant and switched on when shooting. I’ve been with photographers who will set up their composition and their shot and then click. They have got their shot. And whilst they are busy congratulating themselves on what a cool frame they have the model/s are still there doing there thing.

I have taken literally thousands and thousands of portraits and one thing I am certain of is that it is impossible for me to construct a pose with a model or a couple that is as intriguing as they can come up with on their own by accident. (And I’m pretty good at posing people :))

Stay alert. Stay awake and be present to those little in between moments. There are a hundred instances that fall in the space of 10 or so seconds. A hundred different possibilities. The slightest movement made by the model can be the difference between an ordinary shot and something fantastic.

I have a separate site – portfolios – which includes more of my music, portrait work.

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