HairCut 100!

Jul 29, 2019

Early doors at Twickenham Studios for meet up with my couple for this Saturdays wedding, Tom & Leanne. Buzzing for this as I’m back at pretty much my second home … The Asylum in Peckham. You can see lots of weddings I’ve shot here all snagged into one blog post here. THE ASYLUM! 

Back to Woodford and hung out at my barber Zacks for a bit. Zack cut my hair for like 15 years then he vanished for a few years and now he’s back with his own shop literally 5 minutes from my house. Such a cool place to hang out … it’s like friggin’ goodfellows in there.

Snagged a frame or two STREET THIEF style on the way home.

Spent the afternoon scheming and listening to some playlists on spotify. Gonna snag an early night. Love you all. G x