Hacienda San Jose Wedding Photos in Spain

Jul 6, 2019

THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING … I arrive in the general vacinity of where I assume my villa is located. I’ve never been there before but it’ll all work out I’m thinking, it always does. It’s the night before the wedding and this evening there’s an awesome pre wedding party for Lotte & Wilberts family and friends. I have a few hours to kill so decide that rather than head straight to the villa I’ll head to the beach, find a cafe, have a few drinks and read my book. Plenty of time. I’m in a bit of a dishevelled state because of the flight, still in cold weather clothes, all black and I haven’t shaven in a week. I never shave between weddings. It’s kind of a proud motto I had up until this evening which I’ve now ditched. A few diet cokes and then back to the villa, for a shower, shave and on to the party.

With an hour before the party, plenty of time, I grab my suitcase and walk the ten minutes to the villa. Or where the villa is meant to be. It isn’t. It’s not there.

7pm. The party has started, it’s quite, relaxed, gentle music plays, Lotte & Wilbert are blissed out.

Then the photographer arrives. Who the *Β£%Β£ is this? If Shane MacGowan had walked in naked and breakdancing he’d have looked less out of place. I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed in all my life. Still. Got some cool shots.

THE HACIENDA, the stage for the wedding day is a glorious venue situated in the foothills of Mijas Costa, Andalucia, Spain. Β A gorgeous country retreat, with beautiful panormaic views of the tropical grounds and spanish landscape. There’s a whole bunch of rooms and a splendid master suite with a terrace that overlooks the pool. There’s also a mirador which has the hightest and best views and is a great place to take the Bride & Groom for Portraits.

THE WEDDING ITSELF WAS bliss. I’d met Lotte & Wilbert 2 years before at Sanne & Svens wedding in Tuscany, Italy and they loved the photographs so much that they hired me for the day. We hopefully created some real magic and I hope you like the photographs I got. I took a lot of the following images wide, using a 16-35mm sony lens. I rarely if ever use zoom lenses but I wanted the width to try something different. It was a learning curve and I’m happy with the images here. πŸ™‚ Phew. Long intro.


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