Camera Addict

Jul 8, 2019

Jesse is now 5. He has a giggle that would melt the heart of Tony Soprano. He’s at that age where he’s trying to impress you with his running and his climbing and pretty much everything else that comes natural to his older brother and sister. He loves tickle stories and was in fits of hysterics tonight as I told him the story of the 3 billy goats gruff and the Tickle Troll that watches over the bridge.

I hone my skills taking photographs of my children as it’s where and when I’m most inspired. They are so natural in front of the camera simply because they’ve experienced little else since birth.

There are two types of photographer. There is the photographer who sees it as a job and rarely if ever pick their camera up between jobs. And there is the type of photographer who cannot do anything else. The camera is part of their soul. It doesn’t matter what camera it is. Whatever is to hand will do. I hear the argument often that you’re missing out on stuff when you are constantly reaching for a camera. On the contrary; I have become so wide open to lifes riches because of it.

You see to take good photographs you have be be awake and present and alert to life and what is going on in the moment rather than in that autopilot state which most people apparently live in. So for me it has been a great gift for my life so far. In fact, when I go for a few weeks, (which is very rare) without picking one up, I am lethargic and tend to be not as inspired by my surroundings.

I’m probably a camera addict when all said and done and it isn’t a nuisance or a take from my life. I dare say it would be more so if I used the camera only when I worked. But when something becomes as familar to you as breathing then it’s just … well it’s like breathing isn’t it. It’s not hard at all.