Be Still – Black & White Childrens Photography

Jul 14, 2019

I think whatever mood you are in, or whatever you are feeling at any given time, has to come out in some way in your photography. If it doesn’t … I’m lying. It’s contrived. For me it is so important that I allow whatever I am feeling or experience to find it’s place in my work. This applies to whatever it is I’m photographing. If I’m shooting a wedding then for sure I have to be congruent and still, even during those events, I am as genuine as I can possibly be with what I’m photographing. It’s a feeling for me more than anything. That is to say I am always wanting to feel my way into what I’m taking photographs of rather than thinking about it.

I’m very much inspired by the work of Bruce Davidson, particular his early magnum Clyde Beatty Circus work. I also love and am haunted by the work of Sally Mann  You can’t really force this kind of thing but like I said there are times when the mood takes me that I can feel a little of that influence in my work. I love to take photographs of my children more than anything else and I pretty much do every day. (Poor souls).

Here are some images I took this evening of Sophia & Jesse. Sony, a huge wide lens, a little light, and a skipping rope.

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