Nan Goldin, Bao in Borough and @%£*ing Trump!

Jun 2, 2019


Claire and I went to the Tate and saw the Nan Goldin ex which was pretty electric. I love the total unpretentious display, many of the prints were borderline pulp, printed on paper and mounted on board which I love. We ate lots of ice cream and went to Bao in Borough market. Now let me tell ya if you’ve not had a steamed bun from this place you better damn had do fast and furious. You’ve tasted nothing like it before. We then headed across to Aldgate Curzon cinema and watched Beats  – an awesome little indie film about two Glaswegian teenagers with a backdrop in early nineties rave culture. The film is in B&W. I love black and white movies but for some reason I felt this would have been more congruent in colour. It’s a great mood piece and captures the times perfectly. 


Spend all day Saturday listening to music, dozing and watching Netflix with Claire. Starting watching Chenobyl. Harrowing and a must see. I naively had no idea the extent of the misery that took place as a consequence of the explosion over there in the eighties. Devastated lives then and for generations to come.  


Claire headed off and I take Jesse to Coventry and his momma on the train. We love our little trips on the train. It’s become something of a little ritual which Jesse loves cos he’s allowed to choose whatever sweets he wants. We just sit and watch the world go by out the window. 

Drop Jess then I’m on the first train back and head across to Mums to watch Liverpool beat spurs in the Champions League Final.

More netflix and started watching ‘When they See us’ It’s about five young men (4 African-American, 1 latino) who were arrested for raping and battering a jogger in central park in the late eighties. They were convicted. The story of those boys (four of which are African-American, one is Latino) is profoundly moving viewing. I’ve not finished yet so I’ll reserve full on feedback. What is bizarre is Donald Trump’s involvement in the case way back in the eighties. This guys inert prejudice (he was a real estate tycoon at the time and took out a two page add which cost him around $50,000 and probably had a lot to do with tilting public opinion) is there for all to see. I’m not even gonna get into whether these guys did it or not. What is intriguing is why the fuck Trump got involved in the first place and where he was coming from when he did get involved. Like was he in posession of evidence or facts that nobody else was.


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