Jun 19, 2019

I’m writing this on the train. Today I went to visit my boy Jesse in Coventry. I was meant to see him on Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, and the trains were out so I had to pull the plug and he was a little upset as he’d made a special card for me and decorated a little jar with lots of little positive prompts inside.

So I went today and we had a few hours together after school. We went to pizza express with C (Claudia – Jesse mom) and just had a little simple fun. Jesse & I had pizza and mom had a big bonkers pizza. When he and C were leaving to head to the car park hand in hand and I was walking off to the train station Jesse turned and ran back into my arms to give me a final hug. It’s funny, it was just a little special something, and he’s always doing little special somethings, but this was a moment I won’t ever forget. Such a simple thing. He kept saying I love you Dadda.

If I’d dropped off the planet there and then I’d have gone willingly and happily.

I love you son

Dadda xxx


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