Jun 5, 2019

Hit the Isle of Dogs early doors for a shoot with Annick, Rob and Family. I photographed their wedding in London back in 2011. It is so wonderful to see them again. Weather was rocking’ and we got some great shots. 

Walked the tunnel across the Greenwich. I love Greenwich. It’s one of my fav places in London and I’m often over there on shoots. 

Next up I head to Oxford Street and Camera World to pick up my new lens. The Sony 16-35mm, F4. I rarely if ever use zoom lenses to it’s a first for me. I spent the next hour giving it a day in court on Oxford Street, fixed firmly at 16mm to test out the distortion and challenging myself to get in close. I’m impressed so far and It’ll be in my bag for the trip to Spain this week where I’m off to shoot a wedding. 

Head back home for Sophia and Louis and Sheppards pie. Louis is back from a day flying. yep … flying. He literally co-piloted a plane and he did a loop-d-loop. Wtf. I’m so proud of him. He only just got back from Berlin yesterday and he was so excited to tell us all about it. 

Sophia and I watch some old David Blaine Street Magic on netflix whilst Louis fires into his homework. Kids are in bed. Chat to Claire for a little on the phone and watch the last episode of the Shane Meadows series. 10/10 all round. 

Prep for Spain tom then out with Claire to see the new Liam Gallagher film AS IT WAS!  Can’t wait.


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