Jun 13, 2019

Arrive in Spain looking like hard times Johnny Cash after three days on the sauce. Couldn’t sleep for some reason so was a little late out the traps. Slung on what i was wearing the night before, basically black jeans, black shirt and my black bomber jacket. Decided I’d shave when I get to the apartment in Malaga. 

Arrive a couple of hours before I have to shoot the pre wedding white party so decide to delay getting to the apartment and I head to the beach for a coffee and some food. Eventually it’s time to go to the apartment. Guess what? No apartment. It’s not where it’s meant to be. 

I’m thinking I can’t turn up to a white party looking like I do. They’ll end up calling the factura antigua or something. I break the fall by informing the groom of my predicament and he says to not worry and just get myself over there and find the hotel after I’ve finished. I arrive at this posh drum in the hills. The groom has obviously not shared with anybody my predicament. Why would he? Sigh. I spend the next 90 mins or so explaining to anybody who will listen that I’m not here to steal their belongings and I do a razor in my luggage.

The next two days bombs past. I’m shooting a wedding movie on an iPhone for the first time to accompany the video.

I have shared with the couple that if I get the sense that it’ll over compromise their photography in any way I’ll pull the plug on it. Frankly it was a cool experience and I’m up for doing them again in the future. The guests were a blast totally up for having fun and I was getting in real close with wide lenses capturing the goods. 

Picked up a little tummy bug whilst I was out there and it’s Thursday now and I’ve still not shaken it off proper. 

Met up with Claire last night for a Sofar Sounds gig in Hackney. Proper tight fit intimate gigs with 2 music acts and a spoken word artist. Good for the soul. I love the idea of going to more of this kind of thing. Music is the spice of life and don’t go to anywhere near as much stuff as I used to. I think sometimes because I don’t booze no more I use that as an excuse and that’s pretty much bullshit victim thinking. The music should be enough. 

Anyway … onwards x


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