Jun 6, 2019

Went to get my haircut at the Turkish Barbers in Wanstead.Actually it’s a form of self flagellation going in that place. The hair part is fine but it’s the setting fire to your ears part that throws you a little off centre. Then they steam into the nose with a two chopsticks dipped in hot fuckin wax. And let me tell you it hurts when they pull those things out. Also – and this winds me up – why do they pull them out with such casual nonchalance.

They must know it hurts. The bloke cutting my hair was having a chinwag  with his pal who was cutting hair at the next chair and then just casually, without any build up, he reaches for my nose and wrenches the things out without a care in the world.

On top of that they charge you for the privilege. Twenty sovs! Take that!  

Then, I’m that stupid, I tip the fellow on top of it all. Like … wtf!? 

I eventually escape and head home to edit a family shoot then I start getting my gear ready for my wedding this week in Spain. Done around 4:30 then I’m out again and heading to Stratford to meet up with Claire to watch the new Liam Gallagher film. I make up a quick stop off at John Lewis to swipe a spray of aftershave and then we dip in for a Thai curry before bums on seats time Liam. It’s a pretty cool film, not as good as Supersonic, but cool. If you think of Liam as some thuggish ninties characture then go see the film. It just might surprise you. 

Lights out!


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