Broadway Market

Jun 21, 2019

Gabriel & Marvin in Broadway Market (Iphone 8 | Hipstamatic)

Out and about this morning in Broadway Market, Hackney.

I keep banging on about it but the smartphone I think is such an underestimated piece of kit. It’s literally a darkroom in your pocket guys and as the years pass the image quality is improving massively. 

Here are a few pics I got today in Broadway Market. The practice with a smartphone is to kind of learn it’s limitations and shoot for that. Obviously the smartphone is in it’s element in good light as are all cameras and as time passes the low light capabilities are improving too. What buzzes me about the iPhone is the simplicity. It’s kind of back to basics and all about the image rather than the buttons. I love using hipstamatic that pretty much processes on the fly. So click and I’m done. I also love Snapseed, Mextures and Vscocam as well as inshot for editing video. 

Check out this awesome interview with Melanie Flanigan if you haven’t already done so. Such a heartfelt genuine share and images to die for. 

Closing in on the September Dare workshop so if you haven’t hooked yourself up with a place yet get over. It’s gonna rock!

Gentleman in Broadway Market | (iphone 8 | vscocam)

Lady in Hackney | (iphone 8 – Hipstamatic)

iphone 8 | (vscocam)

iphone 8 | (Snapseed edit)

So I went today and we had a few hours together after school. We went to pizza express with C (Claudia – Jesse mom) and just had a little simple fun. Jesse & I had pizza and mom had a big bonkers pizza. When he and C were leaving to head to the car park hand in hand and I was walking off to the train station Jesse turned and ran back into my arms to give me a final hug. It’s funny, it was just a little special something, and he’s always doing little special somethings, but this was a moment I won’t ever forget. Such a simple thing. He kept saying I love you Dadda.

If I’d dropped off the planet there and then I’d have gone willingly and happily.

I love you son

Dadda xxx


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