Morning Routine

May 28, 2019

UP! Shower/ Stretching routine / Litre of water / Meditate 30 mins / Inspiration Read / 5 x Gratitude / Visualise the Day / Journal Intention / Plan —— 60 MINS BOSH. 

Quick cup of tea than crack on. 

I have kind of digital / analog method of working my day. I have a good old fashion Bullet Journal and in that I put only THE ONE thing I want to get accomplished, the most important thing, during that day. I don’t add anything else to the task list until the most important thing is done.  All my other tasks are in is in a digital app called todoist. 

I use this for projects, planning, scheming etc as I can drag n drop stuff around and PLOT. Shit happens during the day to distract us.  It’s tempting when we’re focused in on something to get distracted with ideas and the like so all I have to do is jot them in my bullet journal as I go. The mind will come up with some proper juicy stuff to tempt you into it’s web. The most amazing fuckin’ ideas ever. The trick is to jot it down and stay focused on the task at hand. Sometimes if I’m out and about I’ll just jot those ideas down in todoist. At the end of the day (or first thing if I’m totally zapped out) I’ll look at both my bullet journal and the app.

This kind of double process facilitates a more disciplined culling of all the nonsense. I don’t edit what I write as I go but I do when I reflect back that way things stay pretty tight. Ideally I’d use either one or the other and what I’ve seen is that isn’t always practical. Nothing wrong with embracing the mess. Like I said, the double checking in facilitates a tidying up of the whole thing, it’s like one supports the other. 

I then work in what i call explosive time blocks. Full on focused attention in 25 min slots. No distractions. with 5 min breaks. After around 3 hours I take a 75 minute break. 

Mom had Sophia n Jesse for me today but they popped in for a little and we head out to the forest for a game footie. Jesse just wants me to boot the ball as high as possible so that it gets stuck in a tree. Sophia is big in to this weird gymnastics thing as are all of her friends at school. It’s literally some spooky contortionist type awkwardness going on on the body shape front. She literally arches her back and walks on her hands and feet back to front like that freaky girl from poltergeist . 

MUSIC: Stone Roses (what else). 🙂 Down down down down down dowwwwwwwwwn!

So want the Sony Ziess 16-35mm. Bad-ass! 

Ok gonna post this and then bed. Night world.


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