The Hard Shoulder

May 27, 2019

Woke up with a bungled shoulder and it was downhill from then on. I ventured up to the loft and Louis room. I mean I have no idea what Frodo and Sam Wise felt like when they entered Mordor but it couldn’t have been much different frankly. Louis idea of cleaning his room is to sling everything under the bed and hose the place with a canister of Febreze. 

Confiscated phone at 1:10pm and gave him his instructions. 20 mins later the room is clean. (always works)

Phase II is homework. He tells me in no uncertain terms he has to have a bath first. Of course he does. It’s 2pm. Why wouldn’t he have to have a bath at 2pm? I love teenagers and their impromptu baths. Never had a bath before the age of 12. Hit 13 and bosh – “Dad, I’m just having’ a bath.” Like we have no idea what the fuck is going on in there? Of course he wants his phone in there. Says he needs it to play music. I tell him to hum and head downstairs to charge my batteries as I have a shoot in Bromley later with Kyla & Marcus. 

Eventually tackle the tube and make my way across town and out to Bromley. There’s a homeless guy at Victoria as I’m at the cashpoint. He comes up to me and asks me if I have any money to spare at the same second £20 appears in my hand via the ATM. Caught red handed.

Shoot with Kyla, Marcus and little NJ. So much fun. I photographed Kyla & Marcus wedding a few years back it’s so cool to see them with their first little bubba. This is the beauty of my job. You meet the coolest folk people the years. Some of my clients (i grrrr that word) have become such great friends in my life.  

Arrive home. Kids are with mum tonight so I storm into a curry. Listen to  a bit of Louis CK and a little planning for tomorrow. Next up bed and Netflix. Watching Society. It’s on the cusp of being a friggin’ awesome show. Such an awesome concept. 



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