Lazy Day

May 26, 2019

Weirdest dreams last night. Can’t remember the content but woke in that weird, thank fuck that wasn’t real, headspace. Bagels for kids for breakfast and a banana smoothy. Sophia says she want’s to do a challenge this morning with Jesse where they have a small place set up in the garden and the first person to leave that space loses. I’m loving the sound of this. They might get real determined and stick it out for the whole day. Maybe I should offer up a prize for the winner. 

Have a spruce round the house. I have this weird fondness for Method Spray cleaning product. I like having them all in rows on my window sill. I’ve finally gone pots I reckon. Plant based evergreen gubbins. You can get em in all different colours. 

Went into the forest and got some images of Sophia and Jesse with the Sony all on 35mm.

Went and saw Aladdin at the Odeon. It’s worth seeing just for Will Smith as the genie. Genius! 

Short n sweet today cos I’m absolutely zzzzzzzz!

Some pics from today.


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