Dizzy Day

08:05 – Sophia to school early as she wanted to eat breakfast there. I tell her I’ll eat with her. “No dad I wanna sit with Ella, but you’re allowed to sit on the other table out the way.” 😳 More estate agents round. I think this one wanted to stay for lunch. Sarah popped by to pick up a lead she’d left here bless her heart. Sent Sarah’s (second shooters) images to Bride. Shit hot stuff. I hope she don’t like em better than mine. I’d be mortified. Started looking at potential places to move. Thinking either Chingford or Hyams Park. Hyams may be a good spot to hit as it’s started becoming a little more gentrified so as an interim 3-5 year buy could be a good move. Watched the trailer for the Liam Gallagher documentary film that’s coming out in June. Looking good. I love Liam. He wears his heart on his parka. He’s probably a nightmare to go out and have a booze with but he’s as comical as fuck.

I check in with God on Twitter which is always good for a giggle. Latest tweet – “What the fuck is wrong with me – A dolphins nipples are located in it’s arse”. Meditated for around an hour so I’m pretty much blissed out.   Trying to think what to cook Claire tomorrow night. I’ve gone to the Jamie books. There’s a lot of books –  the tubby chap must be coining it in. I think he makes a shit load from people who don’t know what to buy their partners at xmas. Out the 6-7 books I’ve somehow been lumbered with I think I’ve cooked around 3 recipes from the whole lot of em. A fish pie (about 50 times), a bacon sandwich (yep – there’s a page for that) and some pasta thing I can’t remember. Tailwinded a shit load of insta-images. Still losing followers. Posted a little promo pic for the street photography workshop I’m doing in London on 24th of June.  Trying to find a photography documentary Claudia mentioned I forgot the name of and stumbled across this photography documentary list for Netflix .  Just found it … Faces Places.

Got Sophia and Louis again tonight. Gonna have burgers again on account of I asked my mum to grab some when she was out and she came back with pretty much  an entire a Swiss Braunvieh cow and enough cheese slices to wallpaper a semi detached house. No onions mind. Been working flat out on the Dare website in the past week so have been a little distracted. Full on wedding shebang now till the summer ends. Couple of weeks before I head to Spain to shoot a wedding. I think Addey may be coming with me if he gets his finger out. It’s my only destination wedding this year so I’m fair excited. Note to self – don’t buy Ray-bans you only end up sitting on the fuckers.

Blaring out the Roses which totally winds up next doors dogs.


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