Blade Runner Inspired Fashion Photography

Mar 14, 2019


When Ivory Flame invited me to photograph her Blade Runner inspired Fashion shoot at The Hacienda in shoreditch my mouth started watering no end. Her explanation for the shoot was pretty much heaven and it was to be 4 hours of vibrant colour, lush photogenic textures, dresses, tops, skirts, knee high boots, knits, fur coats, harness, plastic raincoats, rich silkness and iredescent sheer PVC, transulcent umbrellas, kaleidoscopic goggles, wigs – yummy gummy latex (her words not mine :)) – pretty much a futuristick heaven.

The Hacienda itself is literally hogwarts for creatives. The light in this place is to die for and it totally lent itself to the neo noir theme of the shoot. The models were an absolute joy to shoot, playful, and totally up for creating some magic. All in all the perfect morning. I’ve not shot any fashion / editorial or concept work for a few years and it was so rewarding to get back in, improvise and create some art.

I hope you like the images we created.


Ivory Flame 
Amelia Mary


The Hacienda
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Linda Friesen Couture
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Yummy Gummy Latex
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Make Up – Sophia Daly (IG) 
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Yummy Gummy Latex
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Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th:
Make-up: Sophie Daly (IG)
Hair: Evan Huang (IG)