Nov 18, 2018

IN MY LIFE – THE BEATLES:  The music of the Beatles is always there for me. It is the single main consistent inspiration of my life. I have listened to every type of music down the years and yet time and again I come back to the music created by these 4 ordinary guys from Liverpool.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck, or a little down, or feeling a little out of place in the world I will put on some beatles music and it never fails to lift my spirits. They are always there for me. Always.

 Their life story also is something that I know inside out. Lennon especially is a big inspiration and I mean the Lennon beyond the rose tinted surface – a conflicted man, who struggled with his demons, an angry soul who could be very hurtful to people in his life, but who rose above all of this to share his vision of peace and love.

It us those of us who are most angry who most long for a peaceful shelter in this world.

My photography is inspired also very much by the time and place they inhabited. I am particular influcened by the work of Astrid Kirchherr who captured them in Hamburg before they were famous.

My Brand, Marshal Gray Photography, is distilled from their influence. Rubber Soul especially informing my logo.

The Beatles stood for love. Listen to their music. They are a loudspeaker for peace and for love. They came at the right time. Their timing was right. They didn’t choose it. It was chosen for them.

I thank my mum for introducing them to me at such a young age.

What inspires you most in your life if you could choose one thing?