Getting Married in 2019

Nov 15, 2018

If you are getting married in 2019 congratulations. The question I always ask couples when they enquire about their wedding images is how important is your wedding photography to you? Planning a wedding, whilst fun, can be an exhaustive undertaking and quite often couples, (in my experience of them having shared with me) can get into simply ticking the box of having a photographer at the wedding simply because they think it is something they should do. I really invite you to stop and to take some time to think about this.

It is not that wedding photography is the most important aspect of your day. But apart from a video of the event photography is pretty much the only record you will have of your experience.

getting married in 2019

So I invite you to ask yourself, if you could have it any other way, how would you want to look back on your day?

My approach to wedding photography is an artistic one. I see wedding photography as nothing less than an art form and I make no apologies for this.

getting married in 2019 next year

thinking of getting married in 2019

What I want to do is to create for you a collection of images that are not going to date, that you are going to look back on time and again, and share with friends and family members without fear of boring them to tears.

I want also that in 10-20 years time you look back on the day and all of those wonderful memories, the total flavour of the day, comes flooding back to you.

are you getting married in 2019

So whether you go ahead and book your wedding photography with me, or with another photographer who fits, I urge you to take a little time, and to ask yourself the question … what do I actually want from my wedding photography?