Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photos

Oct 30, 2017

I first met Kyla & Marcus when they came to model for me at the Dare Photography Workshop that I facilitate in London. By the end of the afternoon we got on so well that Kyla asked me to photograph their wedding day, which was to be a year later, at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Energy, joy, music, a wonderful gathering of family friends all combined to create what can only be described as actual … real … magic. Thank you K&M for inviting me into your life. You truly are a special couple. There’s was a gorgeous carnivan inspired wedding day.

Trinity Buoy wharf is a glorious location and is the site of Londons only Lighthouse. It sits proudly on the banks of the River Thames close to popular and boasts spectacular views of the Thames, the O2 Arena and Docklands skyline. One of the coolest things I love about the place is the stacks of colourful containers as they are perfect as backdrops for offbeat wedding portraits. There is so much history gathered here not least the Tidal-powered lunar clock Alunatime and lightship LV93. Whilst serving as an awesome wedding venue the wharf is also now a thriving centre for the arts and creative industries. Wedding photography for me is an art-form, and it Trinity Buoy Wharf is simply a wonderful canvas on which to shoot. 

This wedding was also featured on the wonderful Nu Bride Wedding blog (run by Nova Reid) which showcases a wonderfully diverse selection of weddings for black and ethnic couples.

I’d love to get back there soon and create some magic.

© Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photos. 2019.

I love the portrait part of the wedding day. When I started out in Wedding Photography I was a pure documentary and whilst 95% of the day is still that, i.e. candid, photojournalistic, I spend a small amount of time with the couple working on creating some super cool portraits. Kyla & Marcus are kind of easy to photograph, and they were so excited and willing to be taken away for a little while to create some magic. I really work to not keep my couples away from their guests for too long. I want them to enjoy there day so I can shoot portraits in a very short period of time. I’ve photographed them in 10 minutes and if I can get 20, 25 minutes then all the better.

Every couple is different and I never attempt to impose a falseness into the frames. They have to be genuine and it’s all about keeping it real. My approach is to find some really cool backdrops with hopefully a gorgeous spill of light and then bring the couple into that frame. No cheese, no fuss, we simply have fun … and shoot.

© Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photos. 2019.


© Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photos. 2019.