Jun 6, 2016

I’ve shot several times in Italy over the past few years, from Tuscany to Ostuni and finally I got to shoot a wedding in Milan, Italy. A glorious day in the company of Silvia & Emole and their guests. My friend Addey came across from the UK to shoot alongside me and to share in the wonder of the wedding and as it turned out to share in the absolute horror of staying in the dodgiest hotel in Europe. (I’ve stayed in some dodgy hotels in my time but this effort was top of the league for dogdgyness.). Man alive. I couldn’t have chosen a more ridiculous establishment. It was literally Fawlty Towers with a continental cast. It was so grubby you had to wipe your feet on the way out.

Addey arrived a day later than me and the look on his face suggested he thought I was playing some practical joke on him. “I’m not eating here,” he said, giving the place the once over. I immediately attempted to dissolve his concern by assuring him that there was a restaurant within walking distance. He was nearly in tears 10 minutes later as I lead him into the door of the local McDonalds.