by | Jul 17, 2014

Words. What to write? It’s difficult. This was simply a breathtaking experience. Hopefully the photography does the job I’ll miserable fail at in words. This was simply one of the most unique experiences I’ve had in wedding photography. Destination Wedding Photography Marrakech style – working with a couple who allowed me total freedom to create. Every so often a couple and I come together and it’s like an invitation, from somewhere, for us to create magic. The ingredients are rarely the same, however; there’s one vital ingredient that cannot be left out – and that is trust. When there is trust there is pure collaboration and that is what happened with Emma, Mike and myself. From the pre-wedding shoot through the last dance at the wedding they simply allowed me to do my thing, to play, to experiment, to have fun and create. This wedding was also featured on the awesome luxory house

This wedding was also featured on the awesome Junebug Weddings Blog. in the Taj Villa Marrakech,  luxury house in the Marrakech palm grove.