Emma & Mike

‘With or without sunglasses said Mike?’
‘Both,’ I said.
It’s the day of Emma & Mikes pre wedding photography. It also happens to be the day of their wedding. The place is Marrakech. The rumours are true – it really is a photographers paradise. A tranquil tapestry of colour, texture and light. The oasis for a unique destination wedding photography experience. An experience that has to be embraced full on – who knew when such an experience would come around again.

The sun was blazing in the morning sky, scorching the day ahead. The beat of the market square was ahead of us. We walked for around 45 minutes, escaping down numerous alleyways, hunting out less obvious backdrops and pockets of light. The contrast of attitude is peculiar. You head down one street taking photographs and people are happy for you to click away. Another street and a plethora of characters from good-fellows will appear at every corner demanding shekels for the privilege. We get stopped by a scruffy looking local in a Chelsea F.C. top and a baboon on his shoulder. His teeth, or tooth, grinned back at me. One of those grins that makes you feel guilty for any amount of money you have in your pocket. There was a commotion behind and someone shouted.

All of a sudden another monkey shot past me and made toward the square followed by his angry owner giving chase. Just the distraction we needed to continue on our way.

The day was ahead of us and what a day it was going to be.

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